Upscale Staging

About Us

When trying to come up with a name for our company we wanted something that would not only say "what we do" but the way we are going to do it and what that means for our clients. Upscaled in the dictionary means to improve the quality, value or rating. That definition represents what our company wants to represent. We take the time to listen to your needs and understand your circumstances to ensure our home staging plan will be advantageous with an easy and stress-free plan for you. We believe listening and communication are the foundation of this process and the key to a successful execution.

Misty graduated from Creighton University with a degree in Psychology. She worked several years in Pharmaceuticals here in the Quad Cities. Misty has always loved real estate and started investing in it after leaving her job and enjoyed working with the builders and contractors. When it came time to stage the homes, she could only find one company that provided home staging in the Quad Cities. After some research, she found staging isn't just about decorating and style, it is also about psychology, strategy, demographics, follow through, taking initiative and providing a positive return on investment for clients. Misty had learned these attributes working with doctors at Bausch & Lomb and Novartis helping to build their business. This knowledge will be used working with clients to sell their homes at Upscaled Staging.

Jenny attended the University of Northern Iowa and worked many years in the marketing and development in the not-for-profit industry and over 15 years in the moving industry. Jenny used her extensive networking and communication skills to build successful supplier bases and providing services in the not-for-profit business. In the not-for-profit arena Jenny was involved in rehabbing homes. She had to excel in managing a multitude of detailed elements while keeping the design vision the utmost priority and providing a positive return on investments. In the moving industry Jenny witnessed families struggle with selling their homes and dealing with disorganization and clutter. She brings this same customer service, quality and value to the clients of Upscaled Staging to help them sell their homes faster and save more money.